Hello, my name is Richard Poiré, I am the creator of the Elixir of life concept. It is in France that I develop and study Alchemy.


For 10 years, I have been working on the memory of water in order to develop a powerful elixir.


Visionary artist and creator of energetic jewelry. I develop therapeutic tools to improve our well-being but also the environment.


To achieve this alchemy, I trained in personal development, energy and quantum therapy.


I offer care and training in personal development. I carry out interventions to harmonize living spaces using my inventions.


Elixir of life projects focus on improving the environment and raising awareness


Quantum healing

Quantum therapy is a discipline that focuses on the waves and vibrations emitted by the human body. My work is based on the deprogramming of negative memories in order to dissolve the various physical, emotional and energetic blockages.


Cleaning negative aura charges

Cleaning of ancestral charges

Deprogramming of cellular memories


Geo-influences, called "home medicine", is a discipline that deals with all the harmful influences of the environment on living things. These "geo-pathogenic" zones are mainly responsible for our vitality and our stress. In fact, they emanate radiation which weakens our organism.

  • Neutralization of water veins

  • Neutralization of negative telluric networks

  • Cleaning up the memory of the place

  • Harmonization of the place


I offer training in personal development, quantum therapy, geobiology, chi kong and biodynamic breathing (rebirth).


The objective of these lessons is to amplify our energy potential. But also remove our negative charges in order to improve our quality of life, health and well-being

Elixir of Life services

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Bio-vitality project

Our product range allows revitalizing group sessions. It offers us the possibility of increasing our vital energy and reducing stress. This very powerful concept provides an energetic and emotional rebalancing.


We also created a mobile energy dome in order to offer Elixir of life services on any type of event. This service contributes to raising awareness, indeed each participant will live a unique experience.


We also offer international seminars aimed at discovering this visionary concept.

Harmoniser project

In addition to a geobiological intervention, we are introduce some Elixir of life harmonizers. This concept is intended to harmonize living spaces, promoting vitality, serenity and well-being.


Its unlimited potential in high vibration is suitable for all places of life: businesses, hotels, spa, therapy center and cultural events.


For spas, all cosmetic products and water will vibrate improving the quality of services offered by the center.


house                                        hotel / spa                                 healing center         

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loungue bar

healing festival

Booster project

The harmoniser also acts on all organic materials. It stimulates food, improves growth and increases conservation.


It will be beneficial for all growing areas, producers but also supermarkets. This project also works with animals.


It is a very effective technique allowing to improve our food and our environment for a better world.

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