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Hello, my name is Richard Poiré, I am the creator of the Elixir of life concept. It is in France that I develop and study Alchemy.


For 10 years, I have been working on the memory of water in order to develop a powerful elixir.


I develop therapeutic tools to improve our well-being but also the environment.


To achieve this alchemy, I trained in personal development, energy and quantum therapy.


I carry out interventions to harmonize living spaces using my inventions.


Elixir of life projects focus on improving the environment and raising awareness

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Elixir of Life services

Bio-vitality healing project

Our product range allows revitalizing group sessions.

We also offer international seminars aimed at discovering this visionary concept.

  • Energizes brain areas

  • Relax the mind

  • Promotes concentration

  • Increases the vibration rate

  • Increases vitality

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Provides deep relaxation

  • Eliminate mental burdens

  • Regulates sleep

  • Activates and cleans the extra-sensory channels


Healing Concept

It offers us the possibility of increasing our vital energy and reducing stress. This very powerful concept provides an energetic and emotional rebalancing. After 20 minutes you will feel relax and energise.



This healing session stimulates the extra sensory channels providing deep relaxation and harmonisation. Increases vitality, reduce stress and anxiety.Balances the chakras and cleans the aura.



We also created a mobile energy dome in order to offer Elixir of Life session. This concept  contributes to raising awareness,indeed each participants will live a unique experience.

Harmonisation project

This concept is intended to harmonize and increase our living spaces, promoting vitality, serenity and well-being.


Its unlimited potential in high vibration is suitable for all places of life: businesses, hotels, spa, therapy center and cultural events.

  • Increases vitality

  • Promotes concentration

  • Regulates stress

  • Harmonize living spaces

  • Boosts food and plants

  • Promotes conservation

  • Protects from harmful waves

  • Energizes the entire ecosystem


Boost your food



Harmonize your living space to increase the energetic vibration of your home


Swimming pool

Improves the vibration of the water in your swimming pool, you will enjoy  an healing and energetic bath.

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Therapy room

Improves the quality of your service during   healing session and massage therapy 

SPA 02.jpg


Boosts the water of your spa to increase the healing process 

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Hotel / villa

Increases the energetic vibration of your hotel and harmonises our environment

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Improves the atmosphere of your restaurant, lounge, bar with a positive energy

Booster project

The harmoniser also acts on all organic materials. It stimulates food, improves growth and increases conservation.


It will be beneficial for all growing areas, producers but also supermarkets. This project also works with animals.


It is a very effective technique allowing to improve our food and our environment for a better world.

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JUS 23psd.jpg

 Energetic Juice

Boosts your juice to increase your energetic vibration.



Increases the vibration of your wine to improve the quality.



Preserves and boosts your aliment to increase your wellness 



Boosts  your plants, to increase the growing 


Growing farm

Increases the energetic vibration of  your environment


Flower factory

Improves the quality of your flower and your medicinal plant

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