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Quantum laboratory based on water memory

Elixir of Life is at the forefront of transformation and innovation, working towards the awakening of consciousness while positively impacting our environment on all levels: plant, mineral, animal, and human.

However, to realize our vision on a large scale and bring our revolutionary concepts to life, we aspire to establish a renowned alchemical laboratory focused on water memory, alchemy, and quantum therapy. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions to enhance human well-being, energize ecosystems, revitalize food, cultivation areas, forests, and even oceans.

Water Alchemy Project

Our unique energy process empowers us to materialize ambitious projects aimed at raising the collective energy vibration of human beings and collaborating harmoniously with our planet and oceans, with the goal of creating a universal energy network. ​ You have the opportunity to support our projects through donations or sponsorship. Your contribution will help us build an advanced research and innovation laboratory to improve the planet as a whole. Join us, the consciousness awakeners, and let's together contribute to the creation of a new world infused with positive frequencies. Support our mission to implant a maximum of harmonizers across the planet and be a key player in the change towards a better future.

The Healing project aims to integrate "Elixir of Life" harmonizers into our environment, an innovative initiative which aims to energize our ecosystem to accelerate the process of planetary regeneration.


Installing these harmonizers in nature will have a significant impact on purifying our environment by revitalizing lakes, rivers and improving air quality.


The energy field emanating from these devices extends over several tens of meters, thus energizing the entire surrounding ecosystem. This action contributes to the depollution of our environment and promotes the natural restoration of our planet. Join us in this revolutionary approach for a healthier and more sustainable future.

Serinity project

The Serenity project aims to deploy Harmonizers in the oceans to revitalize water, accelerate its regeneration process and improve our precious ecosystem.

This innovative initiative consists of reinjecting new vibrational frequencies into ocean water, with the aim of revitalizing seawater. This vibrational increase promotes the regeneration of seawater and has a positive impact on the quality of the seawater. air, in particular thanks to the evaporation of revitalized seawater.

By energizing our oceans, we also help energize the atmosphere, the air we breathe, and even the precious rain that nourishes our planet. This visionary concept represents a fantastic step forward for our environment, an approach that aims to strengthen the vitality of our planet while improving our quality of life. Join us in this initiative for a healthier and more balanced world.

Energy network "Elixir of Life"

Installing the harmonizers creates what we call ‘interactive energy satellites’, all connected to each other.

This interconnection forms a powerful energy network, beneficial for our environment. Imagine it as a super energy network that amplifies the benefits of our alchemy, by connecting it with natural elements.

It is a simple and effective alchemical method that we use to collaborate with the environment and improve alchemy. Join us in this initiative for a more harmonious and revitalized world


“Join us in our mission by supporting our projects through donations and sponsorship. Your contribution will allow us to install as many harmonizers as possible across the planet and create our energy network.


By supporting this project, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate to activists around the world that there is an effective and immediate solution to improve our environment. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a cleaner and more balanced world.

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