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"Discover Richard Poiré, the visionary artist and creator behind the revolutionary 'Elixir of Life' project. With a decade of dedicated research and exciting explorations, he has mastered the ancient art of alchemy and modernized it for the 21st century.

Richard's journey began in the heart of France, where he immersed himself in the magic of life transformation. He is not just an artist, but a pioneer in creating energetic jewelry that elevates physical, emotional and energetic well-being.

His quest for knowledge led him towards personal development, energy therapy and quantum healing. Through his expertise, he offers healing sessions, transformative teachings and the attunement of spaces that resonate with both individuals and the environment.

But Richard's work goes beyond jewelry. His passion lies in harnessing the memory of water, merging ancient alchemy, quantum medicine and the medicine of the future. Its innovative solutions improve human well-being, regenerate ecosystems and harmonize our connection with Mother Earth.

Join Richard on his journey to bring these visionary concepts to the world. Support its mission to establish an alchemical laboratory, at the forefront of revolutionary projects that promise a brighter future for humanity and the planet.

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Discover the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation with 'Elixir of Life', where alchemy becomes a catalyst for transformation and healing.

"At the heart of Richard Poiré's visionary laboratory is a palette of transformative projects, services and innovations poised to redefine the world. With a focus on harnessing the power of alchemy and the cutting-edge science of medicine quantum, this laboratory is a beacon of progress and holistic well-being



This unique concept is specially designed to harmonize living spaces, thus promoting increased vitality, enhanced serenity and deep well-being.


Revitalizing Session

Discover our Elixir of Life therapeutic tools, an invitation to revitalizing sessions that will immerse you in the energetic vibrations of our unique Alchemy.



This solution has a positive impact in all growing areas, promoting quality and growth, but also  by optimizing food preservation.

Elixir of life concept


Revitalizing sessions Elixir of life

These sessions are designed to recharge your positive energy stores, providing you with deep relaxation to eliminate stress and achieve a deep meditative state.

Our powerful concept of energetic and emotional rebalancing also cleanses negative charges from your aura and energy bodies, leaving you revitalized and harmonized.

We are proud to offer this innovative concept internationally, open to businesses, forums, festivals, spas and hotels. This is the opportunity to discover this visionary concept and enjoy its transformative benefits. Make the Elixir of Life experience a key element of your well-being and harmony."

Healing session

Our revitalization sessions are designed to allow you to feel the energetic vibrations of our alchemy. They offer you the opportunity to recharge your batteries with positive energies, providing deep relaxation and helping to eliminate stress. These sessions also promote a feeling of deep meditation, energetic and emotional rebalancing, as well as cleansing of negative charges from your aura and energy bodies.


Harmonization of places

"We offer you exceptional optimization of your living space or business thanks to an in-depth geobiological study of your environment. Our approach includes the installation of a place harmonizer equipped with an innovative alchemical process, designed to revitalize your environment by carrying out a complete energetic cleansing. The result? An atmosphere charged with vitality, harmony, relaxation and peace within your home.


The extraordinary high vibration potential of our solution adapts perfectly to all types of living spaces: businesses, hotels, spas, therapy centers, and even cultural events. Do not hesitate to contact us to significantly improve your well-being, revitalize your health and energize your environment. Because energizing your place is energizing your life."

Our services


Our harmonizers are jewels of planetary regeneration. They energize your environment, clean water, improve plant growth and air quality. They are guardians of the Earth, contributing to the preservation of our ecosystem.

Elixir of Life offers geobiological studies and harmonization solutions to revitalize homes, businesses and wellness spaces, thus contributing to a healthier environment.

Raise the awareness and productivity of your participants with the Elixir of Life Harmonizer. Create an inspiring environment for your seminars and workshops using positive energy.

Our harmonizers are jewels of planetary regeneration. They energize your environment, clean water, improve plant growth and air quality. They are guardians of the Earth, contributing to the preservation of our ecosystem.

Dynamization of foods and growing areas

jardin 1.jpg

Discover our Harmonizer, a revolutionary innovation that goes far beyond optimizing your living space. It also acts on all organic matter, energizing food, stimulating its growth and prolonging its conservation.


However, our mission goes further. By improving our diet, we actively contribute to the preservation of our environment and the health of our ecosystem. We are proud to play a role in creating a better world, where vitality, sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand. Energizing your food means energizing your life, while acting for a greener and healthier future.


Our offering includes in-depth studies and personalized advice to maximize the efficiency of your essential resources. This innovative process significantly reduces the use of pesticides and preservatives while increasing the energetic vibration of your products, thus improving their taste, quality and durability, for total optimization.

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