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elixir of life

In water alchemy, the memory of water is often associated with transformation and purification. Alchemists regard water as a key element in the quest for transmutation of metals into gold and the creation of elixirs of immortality. They believe that water, as a universal substance, can store the essential qualities of the elements it comes into contact with, making them accessible for transmutation processes.

In a more spiritual context, water alchemy is also linked to the purification of the soul and spirit. Some alchemists believe that water has the power to cleanse negative energies and promote spiritual growth.


It serves as a reminder that water, as a fundamental substance of life, may hold secrets and properties far beyond what modern science can currently explain. It encourages us to continue exploring and respecting the mysteries of water, both on a physical and metaphysical level.

Crystals Elixir

Our Elixirs of Life are designed to invigorate your physical, emotional, and energetic body. They promote vitality, concentration, stress regulation, and pain relief. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of ancient elixirs and crystals, our Elixirs stimulate the chakras, boost vital energy, and provide deep balance.


The Magic of Crystals

Crystals have long been recognized for their healing properties. Each crystal in our Elixir of Life brings unique benefits, such as the soothing qualities of amethyst, the heart-opening ability of moss agate, or the power of clear quartz to amplify intentions.

Quantum Frequencies

Vibrational frequencies and scalar waves are concepts related to how energy and vibrations interact with the human body, and they are often associated with holistic well-being and healing approaches.

The Elixir of Life is an energy preparation aimed at harmonizing the quantum frequencies and vibrations of the body and mind. The benefits of scalar waves, quantum devices, radionics, and dowsing in this preparation include promoting energy balance, reducing stress, enhancing vitality, and supporting overall well-being. These practices aim to influence the subtle energies of the body to promote better physical and emotional health.

How does it work

Elixir of life is an optimal conductor for transmitting information. These benefits will be transmitted through bio-resonance, as our body is made up of 70% water.



Indeed our body has the power to capture all the properties of this alchemy in order to re-encode the water of our metabolism.



Increases our energy


These results confirm the effectiveness of our Alchemy. There is an alignment of the chakras and a cleansing of the aura.



sacred geometry

healing waves


Quantum physics

vibrational frequencies


alchemical water

10 years of encoding


vibrational sounds

Harmonizes the chakras


sacred waters

Improve your potential


Encoding information

Re-informs the metabolism


medicinal water

Promotes vitality


Regulates emotions



Stimulates natural defenses

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