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I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design take place.

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Kirlian Photography test

GDV Technique

Cette image GDV montre la différence d'intensité dans l'aura et le rééquilibrage des chakras, avant et après un soin de 20 minutes avec les vitaliseurs

Ces photos montrent la différence dans l'aura de ces femmes avant et après un soin revitalisant de 20 minutes avec les vitaliseurs

Exemple te test de kinésiologie réalisé avec et sans pendentif énergétique. Ce test montre l'amélioration au niveau de la resistance du dos 

Test de ressentit sur les salons du bien-être,une expérience surprenante et bénéfique.

The GDV technique (known as 'Gas Discharge Visualization' or 'Bio-Electrography') is a powerful technology that allows a user to quickly and easily perform human energy analysis.


It uses the recording and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of biological objects (especially human fingers) by placing these objects in a high intensity electromagnetic field in the direction of the lens of a device.


When an analysis is done, a weak electric current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The response of the object to this stimulus is the appearance of a variation in the "cloud of electrons", composed of photons (light energy) .The electronic 'glow' of this discharge, which is invisible to the human eye, is captured by the camera system, then translated and transmitted by graphic representations to show energy, stress and vitality assessments.


We had the chance to test our products with this new technology, these results confirm the effectiveness of our products. We were even surprised by the results

Kirlian photography refers to a form of photography, which reveals 'auras' visible around photographed objects. The image looks like a colorful halo and is known to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or 'life energy' that surrounds all living things.


We have been able to use this photography technique to demonstrate the direct effect of the Elixir on the aura and the Chi of the human. The aura of the woman appears bright after using the Elixir.



With a revitalizing 20-minute session, we see the overall improvement of the aura acting on vitality, well-being and serenity.



This experience was realized on a well-being salon by a professional. The interpretation of the aura provides information about our physical, energetic and emotional state.


All of our clients find deep relaxation, relief from pain, stress and vitality. The photos show us the interaction between aura and metabolism

Kinesiology test

During our services, we perform kinesiology tests to test the balance, anchorage, back resistance, flexibility and impact of electromagnetic waves.


With an Elixir of life pendant, we find optimal anchorage, perfect balance, optimized flexibility, better lumbar resistance and reduced impact of electromagnetic waves.


The pendant stimulates the metabolism, increases vital energy and replace the body. An overall improvement is found providing relief in pain and vitality.

Feeling test

The best way to test our products is to try a revitalizing 20 minutes session with our activator and vitalizers.


90% of our customers feel the vibration of our products feeling tingles in the hands, warmth in the body.


After the session, a feeling of deep relaxation, a decrease in anxiety and a relief of pain are noted.


It is a very powerful energy treatment that recharges the body very quickly. It allows everyone to feel the vibration of our alchemy.

Meditation test

We did tests on meditation groups. All the partici-pants had a higher and more relaxing meditation.


Similar experiences have also been performed in the practice of yoga, tai chi and chi kung. An improve-ment in flexibility, balance and endurance was noted by all the participants.


These experiences demonstrate an overall improvem-ent in our physical, energetic and spiritual vibrations.

Food test

Experiments have been carried out on the conservation of fruit and vegetables. Food is a simple and effective way to test the effectiveness of our products. The advantage of this experiment demonstrates the placebo effect on human being is no longer a strong argument to criticize our research.


We note an improvement in the conservation of fruit and vegetables of about 30%. Food keep their vitamins and trace elements longer.

They will therefore have more benefits on our health.


The energy vibration will be higher. Improvements on the level of taste will be noted. A simple and effective way to reduce losses.


Tests on wine and water have been carried out, we have found  that the taste on food and drink have been improved.

Mazaru Emoto: Experience on Water Crystals

M. Emoto believed that water was a model for our reality and the emotional energies and vibrations could change the physical structure of the water.


The experiments by M. Emoto on crystals were to expose the water in glasses to different words, pictures or music; then examine, using microscopic photography, the aesthetic properties of the crystals obtained after have frozen water instantaneous manner.

M. Emoto said that water exposed to positive words and thoughts would result in frozen crystals with visually pleasing shapes while the negative intentions gave the frozen crystals relatively ugly forms.

Refer to his website: