GDV Technique

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The GDV technique is a powerful technology which makes it possible to carry out analyzes on humans. It uses graphic representations to carry out a physical, energetic and emotional assessment.


We have tested our products with this new technology. These results confirm the effectiveness of our products on vitality, stress regulation, cleaning of the aura and alignment of the chakras.


          Before       -       After

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian photography refers to a form of photography, which reveals a physical manifestation of the aura and our emotions.


With a revitalizing session of 20 minutes, we see an overall improvement in the aura acting on vitality, well-being and serenity

Kinesiology test

We perform kinesiology tests to test the balance, anchoring and resistance of the back.

With an Elixir of life pendant, we see an optimal anchoring, perfect balance, optimized flexibility, better lumbar resistance and a reduction in the impact of electromagnetic waves.

Bio-vitality test

90% of our customers feel the energy of our products during a revitalizing session, by tingling sensations in the hands and warmth in the body.

After an Elixir of Life session, a feeling of deep relaxation, a decrease in anxiety and relief in terms of pain are noted.

It is a very powerful energetic treatment that recharges the body very quickly.

Meditation test

We tested our products during meditation sessions. All participants see higher meditation.

Similar experiences have also been carried out in the practice of yoga, tai chi and chi kung. An improvement in flexibility, balance and endurance was noted by all of the participants.

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Preserve food test

Experiments have been carried out on the conservation of fruits and vegetables. We see an improvement in the conservation of fruits and vegetables of about 30%.

Tests on wine and water have been carried out, have found that by boosting food and drink, taste improvements are on the cards.

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Water memory

Several scientists like Professor Montagnier, Marcel violet or matsuro Emoto, demonstrate by tangible evidence that water is made up of a memory, and that we can introduce information into it.

These experiments prove that we can encode water by vibrations, frequencies, crystals and trace elements.

Our alchemical process is based on all of this research

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