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I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design take place.

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Elixir. My name is Richard Poiré and I'm working on the Eli-xir of life project to improve our physical and emotio-nal vitality. My interest in the memory of water, due to several years of research and development around energies, led to the elaboration of this elixir.


I trained in the field of Geobiology and Dowsing. I al-so study alchemy, bio-energy, chi kung and massage. These trainings give me relevant tools to improve my visionary products.


The driving force behind my work is the desire to bring new solutions to improve the environment. This is a project that is important to me and continues to evolve on a larger scale.

Elixir of life

This project began in 2010.To start it was necessary to prove to myself the effectiveness of the elixir.I found benefits on my vitality, my concentration and my relief on my back pain.Then i started testing the pendant on my friends and family. The results were positive.10 years later, I have done it my job and I have found a way to prove it without convincing, arguing, or even talking, just by feeling.


The invention of vitalizers is an innovative project because it permits revitalizing sessions.


This innovative concept give everyone an autonomy in search of personal development.


It is a great therapist tool accessible to everybody. It improves our vitality and well-being. Many therapists use it as a supplement and to amplify their healing  sessions.

This project allows us to offer workshops in bioenergy and quantum medicine in order to learn how to use the unlimited capacities of vitalizers.

Extra sensory activator

With several years of research and development, I set up the Sensory Amplifier to exploit all the benefits of our Elixir during healing sessions.


We place Vitalizers around the head. during and after a session, the energy centers are more active, improving intuition and perception.Human beings are able to reach a deeper state of relaxation as it stimulates their brain.


We tested the Sensory Amplifier on a multitude of humain beings and received a completely positive feedbacks.People instantly felt the serenity and deep relaxation.

Healing dome

This dome brings a vibration due to its shape. Raising this level of vibration with our products is for us an exciting and continuous exploration. Here, we are able to offer people revitalizing and energetic sessions, also gathering their reactions and comments. This completely new con-cept has an impressive efficiency allowing the most septic people to feel the benefits of our products.The results are guaranted for everybody, providing deep relaxation and serenity.

Elixir workshop

Through a series of tests and unique design techniques, we are able to explain and prove the effectiveness of our products. Human beings can experience at first-hand the immediate benefits of our products.

Our workshops include :


Introduction to the Elixir of life

Tests on balance, anchoring and chakras

Revitalizing and energetic treatments

Sessions with extra-sensory activator

Healing center

I created a center of alternative care around energies, in Brittany. France is where much of my researches take place, as well as the design of our products.


We organize energy workshops, sound thera-pies, healing sessions and massage workshops. It's also a place where we develop and test our products because we always have the aim to create a next generation of more effective products.

Harmonizer projects

To elevate the vibrations of the places, we place giant vitalisers on musical stages, meditation and yoga center.


This project increases the vibration of the places in order to optimize  physical, energetic and spiritual performan-ces of the festival-goers.


Some visionary festivals like the "Boom festival"," Be in gathering" and "Hadra" support our projects, a powerful innovation to increase the vibration of  the places.


Each vibration is making everyone enjoying the festival.

Booster project

The booster project makes it possible to boost all crops and agricultural areas. The aim is to optimize the places where food, plants or animals are. This positive vibration optimizes the growth, the production and their well-being.


This dynamizer can also be placed in storage places, biocoop, supermarket to boost food to improve conservation and quality

Harmoniser project

The harmoniser project can boost all wellness centers, hotels, schools and businesses.


It can boost both human beings and places. The whole place will be on high vibration providing vitality and well-being.


For spas, cosmetics and water will rise in vibration improving the quality of services offered by the center.

Serenity project

This project is the one that is the closest to my heart. The goal is no longer commercial because part of my profits will be kept for this project.


The planet and oceans suffer a lot from pollution. Serenity project has the aim to place dynamisers in the oceans, the rivers and the lakes in order to dynamize the water allowing it to rise in high vibration to accelerate its regeneration process and to help all their "inhabitants".