Elixir of life project

Elixir of Life helps raise awareness and works to improve the environment. Our priority is to heal our beautiful planet. Our innovations allow us to act on the plant, mineral, animal and human world.


You can support our projects by the principle of donation or sponsorship, in order to help us to establish a maximum of harmonizer on the planet.

Healing project

During the containment, we created an Healing Mandala for the planet and all the humanity. This unique creation bringing together alchemical and therapeutic techniques. This project sends positive and healing waves to planet earth.


This project participates in the awakening of consciences, the power of intention and human energy, confirms our faculties of being able to act on the planet.

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Harmony project

Alchemical collaboration with nature and "elixir of life" harmonizers in order to accelerate the planetary regeneration process. This beneficial project for the ecosystem, promotes reforestation and depollution of our environment by energizing lakes and rivers. By placing harmonizers in nature, we can increase the earth's vibration.

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Serenity project

The ocean suffers a lot from pollution. The Serenity project aims to place Harmonizers in the oceans in order to energize the water, allowing it to go up in high vibration in order to accelerate its regeneration process and help all these "inhabitants".


By energizing the oceans, they also energized the atmosphere, therefore the air and the rain. This visionary concept is absolutely fantastic for our environment.

Sacrednetwork project

The installation of harmonizers will allow us to create "interactive energy satellites", all connected to each other. This will create a very powerful energy network, beneficial for the environment. This "network" will amplify the vibration of our alchemy because it will be connected to the elements. This alliance with planet earth encourages the awakening of consciences for a better world.

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Bio-vitality project

The people who use our products will be connected to all our "energy satellites". Our future project is to create super powerful energy chairs to receive planetary care, Elixir of life benefits, healing frequencies by music and video.


A unique experience that will allow us to connect to the source

Need help

If your company want to support this projects, you can become a sponsor, we will promote your brand and share your website on this page. Wish you all the best

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