"If you want to know the secret of the universe think in terms of Energy,Frequency and Vibration"
Nicolas Tesla



10 years of Alchemy based on the principles of water memory, healing frequencies and quantum physics.



 A new solution to improve our vitality and wellness. A new solution based to improve our environment.

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This project participates in the awakening of consciences, it  confirms our faculties of being able to act on the planet.


about us

These 10 years of research on the memory of water have enabled us to find effective solutions for improving the environment and well-being

Global Harmonization of the planet

This project aims to establish a maximum of harmonizer "Elixir of Life" on the whole planet. The main goal is to re-inform and restructure the water in our environment with positive information in order to accelerate the revitalization and regeneration of our ecosystem.

Elixir of Life

Elixir of Life is composed of 33 medicinal waters, 33 elixirs of crystals and 15,000 vibratory frequencies. This alchemical solution is intended to stimulate our energy centers in order to increase our vital energy. Elixir of Life generates a powerful energy field promoting vitality, strength and well-being.

Visionary Healing Product