"If you want to know the secret of the universe think in terms of Energy,Frequency and Vibration"

Nihola Tesla

Elixir of Life

Alchemical solution developed with elixirs, crystals and vibrational frequencies. Intended to stimulate the natural defenses and the vital energy. It harmonizes your chakras and regulates emotions. It improves anchoring and balance. Elixir of life generates a powerful energy field promoting vitality and well-being.

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This crystalline solution brings together alchemical techniques, based on the principles of water memory, naturopathy and quantum physics.

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Visionary artist and creator of energetic jewelry. I develop therapeutic tools to improve our well-being but also the environment.


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This project participates in the awakening of consciences, the power of intention and human energy, confirms our faculties of being able to act on the planet.


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