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I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design take place.

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"If you want to know the secret of the universe think in terms of Energy,Frequency and Vibration"

Nihola Tesla


Alchemical and therapeutic process conceived to stimulate the metabolism, the natural defenses and the circulation of the energy in order to bring you health and well-being. It balances and harmonizes your energy centers called chakras to dissolve blockages responsible for aches, pains or illness. It increases your resistance and promotes a powerful anchorage for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stability. The pendant is composed of medicinal waters, crystals, vibratory frequencies and universal sacred geometry. This alchemy generates a powerful energy field to increase your physical, energetic and spiritual vibration to bring vitality, serenity and well-being

Vibratory alchemy




Elixir of Life





Geobiology, the so-called habitat medicine, is the discipline that deals with all the influences of the environment on living things, including waves related to magnetic and electric fields, underground water currents, geological faults, 


Various training courses in personal development are proposed.The most effective and innovative is the training in dowsing because it permits a review of our weaknesses often related to ancestral charges and negative attachments

Healing session

Dowsing is a discipline that focuses on the waves and vibrations emitted by the human body. I use this quantum technique to perform energy treatments. My work is essentially based on the deprogramming of negative cellular memories

Elixir of life services

To spread the powerful effects and benefits of the Elixir, we regularly participate at key exhibitions and festivals, offering to the public a first-hand experience with our products.


Throughout the year, we organize various workshops mainly based on body techniques.These workshops, accessible to everybody who wants to learn how to relax using breath, 



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