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I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design take place.

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Can I shower with my jewelry?

No, remove your jewelry for the shower, swimming pool (chlorine) and sea bath (salt)


Should we recharge the energy of jewelry?

No, Elixir of life jewels do not load or unload.

They open the energetic doors of the body and help us send to the earth all the emotional we keep inside of us. You can pass your jewel under cold water from time to time if you wish.


What is the duration of the Elixir?

The elixir evolves every year, it is advisable to renew it from time to time to benefit from new discoveries.


Can I lend my pendant to a member of my family?

No, the pendant is personal, it is better to have each his jewel.However you can share the vitaliseurs.


Can I keep my jewel at night?

It all depends on people! Make your own experiences. However we have seen improvements in sleep quality and elimination of toxins.


How high should I wear my locket?

Heart Chakra (birth of the chest for women), Plexus or throat chakra.

Adapt the length of the chain.


I have a pain, how can I use the vitalizer?

In case of localized pain, it can be placed at the site of the pain to relieve it and it is advisable to drink a glass of water to allow the energy to circulate.