Elixir of life


Therapeutic solution intended to stimulate the natural defenses and vital energy. It promotes health and well-being.

Elixir of life combines the properties of medicinal waters, elixirs, crystals and vibrational frequencies.


This alchemy generates a powerful energy field which improves vitality, harmonizes the chakras and regulates emotions.

Alchemical process

This crystalline solution brings together alchemical techniques, based on the principles of water memory, naturopathy and quantum physics.

Medicinal waters

Thanks to its mineral properties, water is beneficial for health. The physical and chemical qualities of these "sacred" waters offer optimal therapeutic properties for our Elixir.

Elixir & Cristals


Depending on their chemical and physical composition, the crystals interact on the human body. The elixir of crystals promote the harmonization of the chakras and the regulation of emotions.

Elixir of plants


Their natural properties encourage our body to defend itself spontaneously. Plant essences stimulate and energize the immune system.

Healing frequencies


Vibration frequencies are beneficial waves for the body. Our research on the memory of water allows us to encode "healing waves" thanks to scalar energy and universal energy.

How it' s work 


Elixir of life is an optimal conductor for transmitting information. These benefits will be transmitted through bio-resonance. Indeed our body has the power to capture all the properties of this alchemy.


Visionary Products


The GDV device is an innovative technology which enables an energy balance to be carried out using graphic representations.


These results confirm the effectiveness of the elixir on our vital energy. There is an alignment of the chakras and a cleansing of the aura.


             before                           after

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After several years of research, we have created a range of therapeutic products that are beneficial for everyone.


This unique and innovative concept is optimal for opening awareness


Our harmonizing range is an innovative solution to improve our environment.

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Healing jewelry
Healing jewelry
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Meditation hat
Meditation hat
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* Elixir of Life is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment or as diagnosis,

treatment, prevention or any other condition of disease.