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I have created an alternative care center around energy in Brittany (France). France is where most of my research and design take place.

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Elixir of life

Elixir of Life


Alchemical and therapeutic process designed to stimulate metabolism, natural defenses and the circulation of energy to bring you health and well-being.


It balances and harmonizes your energy centers with chakras to dissolve blockages that cause aches, pains or illness. It increases your resistance and promotes a powerful anchorage for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stability.


The pendant is composed of medicinal waters, crystals, vibratory frequencies and universal sacred geometry. This alchemy generates a powerful energy field to increase your physical, energetic and spiritual vibration to bring vitality, serenity and well-being.

Throughout the ages, archaic cultures have harnessed the healing properties of energy which are found in high-concentrations around the world.


Employing ancient methods of alchemy and advanced quantum technology, we succeeded in channeling the power of this energy to create an Elixir which revitalizes the well being and the environment to a higher state of well being.


Our Elixir is used to heal negative manifestations in your physical and energetic health and also acts as a supplement to your therapeutic or spiritual practices.

Alchemical process

This alchemical process brings together different techniques based on the principles of quantum physics, combining the benefits of medicinal waters, lithotherapy, naturopathy and vibratory frequencies.


Medicinal waters


Medicinal mineral waters, used for therapeutic purposes, have been declared as a public utility. Their beneficial effects on health depend on the molecular structure of waters and minerals. The physical and chemical qualities of mineral and medicinal waters offer optimal therapeutic virtues.



Today, many researchers agree that the vibratory and energetic impact of stones on our psyche and our physics are the result of a structural analogy. This vibration will vary depending on its chemical composition, crystalline structure and colors. The stones or minerals in question will thus have specific virtues and will regulate a part of our body to regain its functional balance.



Naturopathy is a set of practices designed to help the body heal on its own, by exclusively natural means. It is based on a theory according to which the vital forces of the organism make it possible to defend and heal specific diseases only by natural agents (oligo-elements, medicinal waters and essential oils).

Quantum physics


According to physicists, everything in the universe is energy. This energy can be perceived either in the form of particles (matter), or in the form of wave (frequency). A wave is a vibration. According to the work of some scientists, water is able to memorize these frequencies.


We introduce a set of healing waves to elevate our physical, energetic and spiritual vibration.

How it' s work 

Water is an optimal driver for storing and transferring information, and research shows that water molecules vibrate at energetic frequencies to which they have been exposed before. As our bodies are made of 70%  of water, the vibrations of the Elixir are easily transmitted through the Bio-resonance process. The subtle energy is then guided by vibrations in the affected areas.

When the pendant comes into contact with our body, through our chakras or directly our organs, it will help regulate and energize our body. This Elixir increases our vibratory rate and improves our energy circulation to optimize our physical and spiritual potential.

Visionary Products

After several years of research and using a process that took 8 to 10 months, we have developed a series of products containing a powerful alchemy that we improve each year. All of our products combine unique inventions. This innovative concept is to optimize efficiency on both humans and animals. Our harmonizer range is an innovative solution to improve our environment.

* Elixir of Life is not intended to be used as a substitute for medical treatment or as diagnosis,

treatment, prevention or any other condition of disease. 

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